Recent Updates

New series of Triptychs I’ve been working on based off the major Arcana of Tarot Cards. This is the Second thus far, and depicts Justice, Death, and The Tower. All instruments of change (or not) and warnings of cataclysm.

The First of the series contains The Fool, The Empress, and the Hermit. 3rd of the series is set to feature the Priestess, the Lovers, and the Hierophant. Update coming soon!

Professional Work

Below is an accounting of my professional work, and merely some staggered examples of it. A much more in-depth portfolio is available on request. Additionally, I hope to feature some of my animation, side crafting projects, photography, as well as side projects like ‘Wake’ and tools for artists to use to either organize or improve themselves or become more effective on the business spectrum.

Here is a downloadable web version of my current portfolio, to request a printed portfolio, please send an email to

Personal Work

The distinction between personal and professional work is necessary. Especially when dealing with a labor of passion, some artists deal with it by not working on extra projects outside of work and focus solely on it as a profession, however I can’t. Somedays inspiration strikes and its those eureka moments that keep me in love with the process of just painting.
Below are several examples of some of the work I do, just because its still fun.


I’ve discovered that part of being an artist is finding you’re own voice… revolutionary concept; I’m aware. Part of that for me is dabbling in photography, and I’ve grown intrigued most by a style of ‘American Night’. A concept in film of intentionally underexposing the image to simulate night shots back when sensitive ISO didn’t exist readily for film yet.
Although I’ve dabbled in human subjects, nature photography speaks loudest to me. Epic landscapes are something I’ll more actively search out, but even being confined to a backyard yields surprising results when you look for them.

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